03 Apr 2023

Look forward to an association long into the future.

During the search for a business in 2006, I spoke to many Brokers who tried to influence my decision using the tried and true methods those in the industry are renowned for. One correspondence however did stand out because it used a simple statement that caught my eye, “What are you looking for?” Warren was asking me what I was looking for from the business and what my priorities were, and wasn’t telling me what he had and what he could sell me.We met soon after, with my list, and spoke at length about the industry and the type and location of the business that would most likely suit our lifestyle. After studying figures on many businesses and visiting those that seemed right, Warren phoned asking if we had time to visit a business that he thought fitted our needs and the rest, as they say, is history. We now own two management rights, both purchased with Warren’s help and one day when the time is right Warren will help when we decide to move on.

Professionally he continues to inform us of industry trends and changes in laws that affect us but is still interested in hearing our opinions of what we see in our little corner.

I thank Warren for his help and friendship over the years and look forward to an association long into the future.

John & Amanda Harvey